I shudder thinking of what is happening in the U.S. these days politically. The idea of banning Muslims – or anyone from anywhere or any religion – is the antithesis of my ideas of what America is about. Certainly anyone who is not Native American, whose family is not indigenous to North America – which is most of the population of the United States – should be offended and outraged by the latest orders of the Presidency if they consider how their ancestors were also immigrants at one point in time. I am a second generation Italian American whose family arrived by ship, some of my relatives were illegal and undocumented, but stayed and built a life after the World Wars, some came legally through Ellis Island. I could never imagine feeling that it would be right under any circumstances, to discriminate against those now being called “dreamers” – who also wish for a new life. America is currently going through an identity crisis. Continue reading “When I was registered by the Muslims”