wander with Jennifer & Daniel


March 2016

Hoi An – enchanted water world

The entire town of Hoi An is an UNESCO heritage sight. Some people seem to feel that it has become too touristy. But insider advice recommends to wander the streets very early in the morning before the vendors open their shops to see the the town’s architectural beauty for what it really is. Despite many shops selling the same wares, there is an enchanting atmosphere to the town that can’t be denied no matter what time of day you choose – each time of day in Hoi An has its own personality. Continue reading “Hoi An – enchanted water world”


Hanoi to Halong Bay and back

Streets of crumbling French architecture, high ceilings and painted window shutters. It’s romantic and chaotic at the same time. Sip a vietnamese coffee from a cafe balcony and try your luck crossing the street, fighting against scooters zooming about. Wherever you look, you see something intriguing. Hard working vendors, beautiful faces that will smile and wave “hello.” The most fascinating thing to do is just crouch down on a stool and watch Hanoi come alive in the streets. Continue reading “Hanoi to Halong Bay and back”

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