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February 2016

Visiting Vietnam / Part 2

It’s been just over three weeks since I posted part 1 of Visiting Vietnam, and as I sit here at gate 9 of Ho Chi Minh International Airport, I’m now able to reflect on my experiences and give some first hand responses to the predictions I made before coming to this country. Was I completely off track? Let’s find out …  Continue reading “Visiting Vietnam / Part 2”


The growth and ghosts of post-war Vietnam

Vietnam is not a place I thought I would visit after my father’s stories about the war. I can’t imagine what he would say to me if I told him I wanted to travel here. I just know that he would probably not want to join me. Whether I want to realize it or not, I have been affected by the war and its long running aftermath even though I was born the year the war ended. But the after affects of war are rarely discussed and don’t end when the fighting stops as most people believe, but continues as an internal struggle against the sights, sounds and horror of memory in those that were affected by it.  Continue reading “The growth and ghosts of post-war Vietnam”

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