First night in Hanoi and already addicted to this coffee! 

The old quarter is street food central 
  Bikes of Burden 

  So good that it’s illegal in 48 states 

  Colorful Communism 

  With grace 

  Sampling the goods 

      No words can adequately describe the feeling of sinking your teeth into a freshly made Banh Mie. More on these shortly 

   Ha-Long Bay

  After an inspiring performance or traditional Vietnamese folk music 

  Hoi-An, central Vietnam 

  Getting ready for Tet 

  Petite chien 

 Belle fleur 

  Exploring ancient Hindu temples near Hoi-An 

  Our awesome food tour guide Thom taking us through the markets and showing us some of the local goods. These are baby bananas !

  Cooking class. Later on that day. 

Vietnam is a land of contrasts. Some days are fast and buzzing; others are slow and relaxed 
  No small feat of strength 

  Houses of the Holy