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January 2016

Images of Indochine 

Continue reading “Images of Indochine “


Koh Tao

Thailand is a travelers dream. It is without a doubt the most exciting place I have ever experienced … it’s also the most international. All languages and nationalities are present; the Aussies and Kiwis are here, French, German and Dutch folks are a common sight; you will hear Arabic and Farsi mixed in with Russian and Mandarin. It’s exciting and its real and I love it! Continue reading “Koh Tao”

Searching for paradise in Phuket and Krabi

Hoards of international people, schools of tropical fish, turquoise water, explosive fire hazards, wild monkeys, and dodgy boat rides – it’s a crazy ride in search of paradise on the islands of Thailand. Continue reading “Searching for paradise in Phuket and Krabi”

Visiting Vietnam / Part 1 

Thursday, August 27th. This was the day our international journey commenced. Sure, it would first begin in New Hampshire and not New Delhi but as far as I’m concerned (and since today is Friday, January 15) Jen and I have been traveling for four months, three weeks and a day. So far so good! Continue reading “Visiting Vietnam / Part 1 “

The beauty and the beast of Bangkok

To be honest, I was a little afraid to go to Bangkok. My idea before boarding the plane was of a world of debauchery, dark alleys and night markets where “lady boy” shows and grungy Muai Thai fights were taking place. I thought it might be a hot, sweaty concrete jungle filled with frat-boy mentality backpackers looking for hookers, drugs and alcohol. Not my kind of scene, but surprisingly Bangkok revealed a world of relaxation and beauty amongst the hustle.  Continue reading “The beauty and the beast of Bangkok”

Jimjilbangs, bibimbop and Hanok tea rooms in Seoul

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to visiting Seoul was to eat some bibimbop and get a Korean scrub down in a jimjilbang. But visiting a Hanok house and experiencing historic tea houses was a very romantic cultural surprise hidden amongst the skyscrapers and urban hustle in the sprawling city of Seoul. Continue reading “Jimjilbangs, bibimbop and Hanok tea rooms in Seoul”

Fukuoka and Karatsu

Everything they say about Fukuoka is true. The people are laid back, it’s not as crowded. No one seems in as much of a hurry or as stressed out as they are in Tokyo and other cities. It could be because it’s a city that’s by the ocean and filled with canals that gives it an airy quality. Let’s not forget the amazing food and you have the best of both worlds. Continue reading “Fukuoka and Karatsu”

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