My first experience with fire towers in the Adirondacks was probably on Ampersand Mt.  This was also my very first hike (October 1996) and maybe also one of my favorites.  Little did I know then that it would take almost 20 years to see another. <>

Fast forward to the autumn of 2015 for my next encounter.  Goodnow Mt. has always been on my radar ever since a fellow hiker told me it was his favorite of all Adirondack peaks; including any of those much taller and more better known 46 peaks over 4000 ft. that dominate the hiker’s mind of this region.  I was excited to try this mountain and since Jennifer and I had already tackled our main objective (hiking to Lake Tear of the Clouds high on the flanks of Mt. Marcy) this would be a nice little jog up to a more secluded peak in the southern High Peaks Region.

Yes, the hike up the mountain was engaging but alas,  the summit and in particular, the immense fire tower on the summit blasting off an extra 100 feet into the sky.  The view was immense, with the grand high peaks to the north and enormous expanse of wilderness to our south.  Jennifer and I must have stayed on top for nearly an hour while Hawks and Falcons soared overhead.  I tried to identify each of the peaks in the distance.

I highly recommend to hike for hikers of all levels.  2.5 miles each way and about 1000 feet of elevation change.  A wee challenging yes, but being on top of the fine fire tower of Goodnow Mt. is a splendor that all humanity should behold.