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October 2015

Silent Canvases of Tokyo

I like Manholes Covers. Always have. They are like a portal to a secret world where only a few fortunate souls are granted access to see what lies below. Continue reading “Silent Canvases of Tokyo”


Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji Fish Market is like no place I’ve ever seen before.  Most astounding was the fervour of pace, the sheer number of actions being executed at any moment.  Men, women, old, young; handling, preparing, gutting, package, slicing, most while still alive.   Continue reading “Tsukiji Fish Market”

Sawara – Little Edo

An interesting side trip from Narita into the countryside is the historic center of Sawara. Sometimes called “Little Edo” for its well preserved Edo era buildings. The city thrived as a port for the export of rice. Only 30 minutes or so on the JR line, and a 7 minute walk from the train station, it makes a nice morning or afternoon trip. Continue reading “Sawara – Little Edo”

Narita is not for passing

Most people pass through the city of Narita changing planes or blast through on their way to Tokyo from the airport, but we decided to stay for a few nights to get our bearings before attempting the chaos of Tokyo and check out a few sights in Narita that are worth a visit and invite you to leisurely linger. This was our official day 1 of Japan. Continue reading “Narita is not for passing”

Quirky California Roadtrippin’

Daniel and I have been on numerous road trips from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back. Each time we’ve come across some really strange, quirky but fun sights. Some planned, some happened upon and some that are just unexpected. Here are a few. Continue reading “Quirky California Roadtrippin’”

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