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Go slow in Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker is special. Perhaps it’s the bicycle friendly, sandy dirt roads or the local motto “go slow” seen everywhere on hand painted signs reminding you to take it down ten notches. Or perhaps it is that it’s a small, less overrun, but incredibly colorful and cheerful little island that makes it feel very welcoming and will have you scheming on how to live here permanently as some seem to do. One thing is for sure, right now it’s a very charming place to land for a few days. Continue reading “Go slow in Caye Caulker, Belize”

La Isla Bonita – Ambergris Caye, Belize

Belize has a lot to offer. Whether you want to trek into the interior to go cave tubing and climb Mayan temples or enjoy turquoise blue waters and all the sea life that lives beneath, you can do it all. On this particular trip we only explored the later. Given life circumstances and limited time, we just wanted to relax. Ambergris Caye (pronounced “key”) and Caye Caulker were great places to do just that but in talking with travelers from all over the world, I admit it makes us want to return to explore more.  Continue reading “La Isla Bonita – Ambergris Caye, Belize”

Staying Healthy on a Long Voyage

Staying healthy was my number 1 concern about taking a long, RTW, international trip. If you research diseases online you will start to feel frightened, however if you plan accordingly, prepare well and take comfort in the fact that many people have traveled before you and will continue to do so, it may help you to feel more courageous. Here’s a brief guide to get you on your way and staying healthy RTW.  Continue reading “Staying Healthy on a Long Voyage”

2 Days in Downtown Portland

There’s a fascination with Portland that seems to have spread globally. My first time in Tokyo in 2015, I came across a Portland festival. I decided I should visit Portlandia someday soon and see what all the fuss is about. I spent two days with my dear friend Lam hanging out in downtown in January. Here’s a sampling of what I found. Continue reading “2 Days in Downtown Portland”

When I was registered by the Muslims

I shudder thinking of what is happening in the U.S. these days politically. The idea of banning Muslims – or anyone from anywhere or any religion – is the antithesis of my ideas of what America is about. Certainly anyone who is not Native American, whose family is not indigenous to North America – which is most of the population of the United States – should be offended and outraged by the latest orders of the Presidency if they consider how their ancestors were also immigrants at one point in time. I am a second generation Italian American whose family arrived by ship, some of my relatives were illegal and undocumented, but stayed and built a life after the World Wars, some came legally through Ellis Island. I could never imagine feeling that it would be right under any circumstances, to discriminate against those now being called “dreamers” – who also wish for a new life. America is currently going through an identity crisis. Continue reading “When I was registered by the Muslims”

Brief guide to taking the leap RTW (around the world)

A vacation is a time to relax and recoup from working hard. But, sometimes we long to travel. To take a voyage, an odyssey, an adventure to a far flung location where the flight to get there might take a few days itself. It warrants wanting more than just a precious week. It requires time to explore, get to know a place and not just pass on through while voraciously ticking the highlights off your bucket list. Taking a RTW (round the world trip) is a different mindset, a different kind of trip, a different way of traveling. Let me do my best to convince you … Continue reading “Brief guide to taking the leap RTW (around the world)”

Bodhgaya – How to Accelerate Enlightenment for Everyone

Bodhgaya – the Bodhi tree in Gaya, India – where the Buddha achieved enlightenment – is one of the most important pilgrimage sights for Buddhists. The highlight here is visiting the great Mahabodhi Temple complex, a giant stupa monument surrounding the Bodhi Tree. According to the Buddhists, any prayers, meditation and positive or negative karmic activities that you do in Bodhgaya are multiplied eight times (8x!) – this means that coming to Bodhgaya to practice is a very, very special activity. Continue reading “Bodhgaya – How to Accelerate Enlightenment for Everyone”

Old Delhi, New Delhi – neither what we imagined

If you are traveling internationally, it’s difficult to bypass Delhi even if you tried. Friends and strangers seemed leery about Delhi, but perhaps that is why we enjoyed it and were surprised and deeply moved by some of the sights we found, food we tasted and people we met along the way. Continue reading “Old Delhi, New Delhi – neither what we imagined”

Animal encounters in Jaipur

Out of the various places we visited in India, Jaipur seemed to offer the most free and amazing animal encounters – just out in the street walking around! All you have to do is just show up, keep yours eyes open and sometimes just get out if the way. Here are a few favorite moments. Continue reading “Animal encounters in Jaipur”

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